Why programmer/developer fails?

Programmer/Developer Fails?

Have you thought why you are not a good programmer/developer? Just imagine, you already tried so many things but still no luck to make a smart application that could make you happy!

I have been working for years with developers from different regions within the globe and what actually I have found? I found that they were always trying to switch technologies and work with so many tools at the same time. As a result, after few months of trying they find themselves in a failure position and they see it’s difficult to reach the satisfactory stage!

I saw few of them fallen into depression, I inspired them to stop and review what they already learned and practiced. I inspired them to try with best tools and continue with that until reaching a satisfactory stage.

So, my suggestions are-

– Don’t try many things at the same time.

– Take one, two, three sequentially (If web dev then- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery/React/Angular/Vue, SQL, PHP/Ruby/Python etc.).

– Learn in deep and enjoy its beauty. Make sure you keep practicing hard!

– Try to make some useful exciting code snippets, small-large size application using your chosen tools.

– Summarize your current work, your progress, goal and continue moving to the next steps.

– Keep practicing until reach the target goals.

Happy learning…

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