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What Is The Main Difference Between QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control)?

In general, many people have the myth that quality assurance and quality control are the same things. But, in truth, they are not quite the same.
Before we go through the differences, first let’s see the definitions of both terms. So it’s going to be better to understand and figure out the differences.

First, let you know what quality Assurance and Quality Control are

Quality Assurance – Quality assurance is known as QA which is a method of preventing problems and defects of manufactured products. QA makes sure to minimize problems when the product or other service is being provided to consumers.

Quality Control – This term is the preceding approach of quality assurance. It relates to discovering flaws in production depending on the investigation before delivering it to the customer.

QA and QC are closely related concepts, and both are part of quality management. While QA and QC activities are often similar and interrelated, then what are the differences between QA and QC, actually?

The Key Differences Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

Quality Assurance –

Primary object– Preventing errors is the main/Primary object.

The main object of quality assurance is to deliver a well tested and zero error product– When you say, you’ve performed the quality assurance of the product it ultimately means that the company has ensured the product quality before its handover to the end-user.

Quality assurance focused on preventing errors and defects– QA detects the weakness of any product or service and methods are well designed to diagnose problems.

Quality Control

Primary object: Identifying errors are the main object of QC.

Quality control is the way to measure the performance according to the desired parameters– Any company has a quality control team where a batch is tested so that the sample is handled by hand. Quality monitoring is done at every stage of development to ensure that the final product is a quality assurance product. Each object undergoes multiple evaluation ranges, continuously and once it meets the acceptable level after the test, it does not need to enter the next stage of development. Therefore, quality control is an evolving regression testing process.

Quality control is a method of management–  QC is a management mechanism in which all necessary steps are taken to determine whether the system product is completed and available for delivery in compliance with a certain standard.

Above all analysis, This is the overview of what these two forms are.

Hope this blog will help you realize QA and QC are obviously not the same, therefore 2 separate objects are carried in two different ways.

I’m just trying to incorporate some QA and QC details here, promoting that these are 2 different testing mechanisms or methods.

However, if you want to select one way, it should be ‘’Software quality control by the QA team’’

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