Top 5 Figma Plugins That Every Designer Should Have!

It’s no secret that Figma is currently one of all the flagships among the tools for making styles and prototyping. Its advantage over Adobe XD or Sketch is that Figma is an internet tool that offers the user the chance to figure and collaborate with people in a period of time. Because of this, and additionally, because of its tremendous practicality and nice interface, several Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision users began to use Figma.

Plugin & Its Uses:

Plugins give straightforward and intuitive ways in which to extend your capabilities in Figma. they assist optimize and altering routine and repetitive tasks — with the name of the layers, with search, with grouping, adding special functions, like adding helpful content to mockups. they’re like pantryman Alfred for the attendant.

At the instant, there are numerous plugins in Figma. Yes, they’re being additional virtually on an associate degree everyday basis. The marvelous part of cathartic the Figma plugins is that they’re developed not by company workers, however by normal individuals, such as you and me. That’s right if you recognize fashionable programming languages and might produce a stimulating plugin — each the corporate and therefore the entire Figma community would be happy to check your product!

Among all the plugins top 5 are listed below which are used on a daily basis by the designers:

  1.  Autoflow: Autoflow is that the best and straightforward tool to make a fast user flow. You’ll simply produce user flow during away a little bit of time by simply making shapes and connecting them.

2. Blush: Blush is an associate astronomical illustration library wherever you’ll transfer and customize illustrations in line with your needs and also the better part is there’s no would like for any premium subscription for downloading or victimizing the illustrations in your styles.

Link to download the plugin – 

       3. Content Reel: Content Reel is one place wherever you’ll get EVERYTHING, literally everything; from pictures to text strings to icons, and conjointly Avatars. I take advantage of this plugin fairly often and this plugin is made by Microsoft. this can be the foremost vital and time-saving plugin on my behalf.

Link to download the plugin – 

4. Feather Icons: Feather icons is an associate degree icon library with some basic icons. this can be a very sensible plugin although it’s an awfully less range of icons compared to different icon plugins

Link to download the plugin – 

      5. Remove BG: If you’re victimizing any pictures and you wish to get rid of the background of the photographs, then take away BG is that the best plugin to get rid of the background with one click.

Link to download the plugin – 

That’s all for today. Maybe I’ll update the advanced Figma plugins soon. Good Luck & Happy Designing.


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