Top 10 Advanced Design Systems

I started reading about the thinking of designers on design. As I dug deeper, I from all over the world.
More of an index than a history, I was struck by the way people talk about the transformative power of our field and how it shapes the world around us, so I decided to read them to try to capture the essence of design across countries and times and extract key ideas have to do.

  1. Design must have a purpose.
  2. Design must be done under high-quality standards.
  3. Form is function.
  4. Design must be understandable.
  5. Designing is not only creating but also adapting and fixing.
  6. Design is a driver of change.
  7. The design process is exploratory, challenging and erratic.
  8. Design influences and is influenced by every other discipline.
  9. Design should be simple.
  10. Design should generate value and be economically sustainable.

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