The Quintessential Classification of Design

The fifth principle of design is a hierarchy, which helps you create a logical structure and emphasis in your design. By creating visual weight within your design, you can draw attention to certain elements that need to be highlighted, helping to create a clear path for the user to follow.

01) Use color

You can use color to increase the perceived importance of certain elements. Colors like red, blue, and yellow attract more attention than green and grey.

02) Contrast

Adding contrast between elements can help make some elements appear more important than others. These may include size, shape, texture, or other characteristics.

03) Typography

Large headlines will attract more attention than small text. Additionally, adding bold font or italics can help emphasize important points that you want the user to notice.

04) White Space

Leaving extra space around certain elements can help draw attention to them. White space can help keep the overall design feeling organized and uncluttered.

05) Alignment

Grouping related elements together

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