Scrolling Text in Figma

Here are some steps to create a scrolling text animation in Figma

01) Open a new file in Figma and create a frame with the dimensions of your choice. This will serve as the container for your scrolling text animation.

02) Click on the “T” icon in the toolbar to create a new text layer. Type in the text you want to animate and adjust the font, size, and color as desired.

03) The text should be moved out of the original frame and the text should be converted into a frame.

04) Select the frame text and select the Clip content check box and make the text frame equal to the original frame.

05) Duplicate the frame text by selecting it and clicking on create the component

06) Add an interaction: Use the “Prototype” feature in Figma to create an interaction between the two frames. Select the first frame and click on the “Prototype” button. Drag the arrow to the second frame to set up the interaction.

07) Select the first text and select After delay + 1MS + smart animate + Liner + 10000ms from the interaction details.

08) Select the second text in the same way, leaving all the instruction details as before, just instantiate it instead of Smart Animate.

09) Move the frame and the second text along with the first text and drag the first text to the main frame and drop it and finally click on the play button and we will see the scrolling text.

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