Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Role and Why It’s Important

Quality assurance has become a more important rolling position in today’s digital world. Nowadays high-quality testing is the key to business success, especially in DevOps and Agile. New technologies are associated with digital transformation causing specific challenges by using QA.

Quality Assurance Role

A quality assurance analyst ensures that the final product presentation and delivery have been maintained by company quality standards. A QA engineer reviews product specification, technical design, documents and provides them with meaningful feedback. 

We can clearly understand it from the latest World Quality Report. Among 1600 data in over 30 counties. The report clearly shows a continuum of trends to increase the value of QA in pursuit of core business goals.

In the pure technical universe, QA is no longer treated as a function of support, but an integral one. Because in the center of product production and service, Quality Assurance ( QA) serves as an endpoint. The role of a QA analyst is to identify the errors or whatever in the product which is not acceptable.

Importance of QA

A QA person helps the team by finding problems and giving valuable feedback on the products to ensure product quality.

Here is some core factor which makes them important:

  • QA ensures that the product standard is maintained
  • They make sure that proper procedure is maintained while developing cycle
  • Quality  Assurance boost customer confidence 
  • QA review the product and ensure that it works as expected
  • Quality Assurance improve customer satisfaction
  • Quality assurance is the way of finding errors, preventing mistakes and defects problems
  • Stay specific about requirements
  • Quality Assurance enhance the user experience
  • It helps to identify the standard of the product and service
  • Quality Assurance reduces company cost and waste

Will discuss in brief about the above points in my next QA blog…

So! Why Is Quality Assurance Important?

It’s important because it’s all about quality and user satisfaction. When you deliver high-quality service. It boosts their faith and confidence with you and your product, overall your brand, and enhances their experience working with you in the long run.

Since consumers are more knowledgeable than they have been before, quality assurance is extremely important. So in today’s situation on the internet, they can easily find that those steps are taken for product quality or how exactly company product quality performs. Is it worth the money? So it’s important that your company has a brilliant quality assurance program in place and maintained.

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