Positive and Negative color meaning

We constantly use different types of colors to create websites. We need to have a clear idea about the color for which type of color we will use on any website.
Every color has positive as well as negative sides so we have to be careful in using color on our website so that we can use perfect color.
Below are the positive and negative aspects of color:


Positive: Passion, Love, Vitality, Excitement, Energy, Courage

Negative: Danger, Anger, Violence, Aggression, Warning, Stress


Positive: Nature, Growth, Harmony, Balance, Freshness, Stability

Negative: Envy, Sickness, Discord, Decay, Greed, Toxic


Positive: Calmness, Trust, Stability, Intelligence, Confidence, Loyalty

Negative: Sadness, Coldness, Isolation, Boredom, Unreliability


Positive: Purity, Innocence, Peace, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Clarity

Negative: Emptiness, Detachment, Coldness, Isolation, Sterility, Lack of emotion


Positive: Power, Sophistication, Mystery, Formality, Timelessness

Negative: Mourning, Darkness, Evil, Mystery, Depression, Death


Positive: Happiness, Optimism, Warmth, Positivity, Clarity, Creativity

Negative: Cowardice, Caution, Illness, Jealousy, Greed, Anxiety


Positive: Enthusiasm, Excitement, Energy, Warmth, Confidence, Creativity

Negative: Frustration, Restlessness, Aggression, Vulgarity, Flamboyance


Positive: Royalty, Luxury, Ambition, Creativity, Mystery, Inspiration

Negative: Extravagance, Vanity, Moodiness, Ambiguity, Pretension, Artificiality

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