Personal Wellness Routines For Everyday Life

Sleep-eat-work-repeat. This is the cycle for daily life for so many of us. As fun as it might sound, this cycle can be really unhealthy for us. Being consumed by activities just to keep you going on might be working for you right now but soon it becomes monotonous and it might be a cause of so many health issues.

Having a daily routine keeps you going a long way. It increases your health mentally and physically, increases your productivity, helps you find time for yourself, socializes, and at the same time, you can also explore. 

The interesting fact about routine is that we can easily make a well-planned routine but following it is the real challenge. A routine is effective only when it becomes a habit for you over time. 

When you come across a great routine and follow it, you will feel more accomplished in your life and you can make more time for your family and also get time to follow your passion. Being close to your family and being passionate about your hobbies will keep you motivated in return.

You take small steps regularly over a period of time in your everyday life towards your target of following your routine. A daily routine lets you focus on the important things in life. Over the top, having a routine takes you away from procrastinating and being a couch potato. Moreover, your mind becomes clear overtime to think clearly what you want your life to be.

Here is a routine that you can incorporate in your lifestyle:

1. Set Up an Easy Schedule for Your Day

Plan out your day using a task management app or you could go old-school and jot down your activities on a notebook, the main thing is that you have your day laid out in front of you.

Don’t overburden your day with excessive tasks. Give priority to the task with greater importance first and which needs immediate attention. Then gradually go down the list.

2. Fix a Set Time to Wake Up and Go to Sleep

It can’t be stressed enough how important a healthy sleep schedule is.  Sleeping at least 6 hours and at max 7 hours healthy for adults. Make sure you are getting enough sleep or else be ready to lethargic the whole day. Goodbye to productivity!

It is ideal to sleep by 10 pm and wake up as early as 5 or 6 am. Cause let us repeat “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

A good night’s sleep is the most important part of a healthy life. It keeps your metabolism on the right path, makes your immunity stronger, and obviously keeps your mood refreshed.

3. Add Workout Sessions or Jogging to Your Routine

Sneak in a workout time that is suitable for you and you can blow off your steam.  Choose a time when your everyday work will not hamper your workout time. 

An early morning workout is the most ideal. It will keep you energized for the day, it increases blood circulation. You can do 20 minutes freehand or cardio workout which will keep you active throughout the day. Plus you can keep your weight in control. 

You can also go jogging for 30 minutes for physical activity, this will also help you to be close to nature.

Measuring your weight every day is also very helpful in order to maintain it.

4. Make a Healthy Breakfast

Most of us skip breakfast and others just grab some junk food on their way to the office. But wellness starts with a better choice of breakfast. To have a great day you must have a healthy breakfast which should consist of different proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamin-rich foods. 

Milk, eggs, brown bread, honey, and bananas can be part of nutritious breakfast. Moreover, breakfast should be the biggest meal of your day because our body gets a long time to digest it and take the most energy from it after the long night. 

5. Meditate for Mindfulness

Are you the kind of person whose mind is racing at a million miles per hour? Can’t decide and sort out your priorities? Meditation is the answer to all your woes.  Try to meditate after your workout sessions or at the end of the day. This will help you to get rid of the negativity in your mind and improve your thinking to another level.

It helps you relieve your stress by reducing stress hormones in your body. Meditation helps you concentrate better in your life. Furthermore, it increases your mental health and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Doing regular meditation increases the production of good hormones in your body.

Alongside,  you can take a long walk to park or seat on a bench with a good view to take in the tranquility and give peace to your ming

6. Stay Hydrated

If you aren’t drinking at least 3 liters of water daily then you aren’t yourself doing any favors! If you are tired throughout the day despite getting enough sleep, you might not be drinking enough water. Consuming enough water will boost your bodily functions and on top of that avoid diseases relating to kidney and diabetes. 

Staying hydrated keeps your brain cells active and you will feel less fatigued. Water increases your metabolism and helps you digest food quickly.

Consuming green tea will also help you a lot during the days. Choose green tea over caffeine to stay focused as it also helps to cut down body fat.

7. Take Breaks During Work

An important factor to work effectively is to take frequent breaks.  Work with utmost concentration for relatively short time spans(40-50 minutes) and take a break of about 5-15 minutes. This way you will avoid yourself from getting burnt out. 

Taking small time to time breaks acts like a treat and helps you stay motivated to do your work and make you be more productive. In these short breaks, you can read a book, talk to your colleagues in the office, catch up with your parents and friends. 

Stretch out your muscles and legs often and do not sit for a long period of time. This will ensure that your muscles are having regular blood flow.

8. Eat Frequent and Healthy Meals

Eat every 2 to 3 hours in a small portion after having a good breakfast. This will give you an occasional boost of energy and you will stay nourished. 

Have a handful of nuts and any kind of fruits, during these frequent meals, these will supply you with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your hair and skin and bones healthy.

For lunch opt for green salads for fibers, fish or meat for protein, and a small handful portion of rice or bread for carbohydrate. This is a balanced diet which is enough to keep you healthy. Avoid junk foods as much as possible.

Have the lightest meal of your day during dinner. Avoid raw food during this time. Have pieces of bread and soup or anything that can be easily digested. Eat dinner 2 hours before going to sleep. Have warm milk before going to bed. This will help you sleep well and you will not feel hungry overnight.

9. Make Limited Visits to Social Media

Social media might be a great way for socializing but it is one of the greatest causes of anxiety nowadays. While there are reliable and authentic posts there are plenty of fake, manipulative, and provocative posts that can trigger anxiety and depression. 

Research has shown that prolonged use of social media sites and getting too involved with it, makes adverse behavioral change and is the main cause of depression. Deceptive posts only show the good reality and not the bad reality which makes us compare our life to others and make us think it is not good enough.

Scrolling hours after hours and fear of missing out on social media has become a severe cause of abnormal behavior. Many of the information shared in social media are not authentic these days. So limiting your social media usage can help you stay away from negativity. 

10. Refine Your Skills and Hobbies

Instead of wasting a long time in social media or doing just nothing, be more outgoing, spend time with yourself, watch thoughtful youtube videos, and learn something and grow your knowledge from authentic places.

Learn painting, music, a new language, write something, improve yourself, make it a regular practice. Read or listen to audiobooks. These activities will help you keep engaged and keep your stress at bay.

No matter what occupation you have, or how old you are, you can easily fit this routine into your daily life adjusting it with your work. In a world full of machines and clocks ticking, it is mandatory that we keep ourselves healthy, active, and happy. 

It is our responsibility to ourselves. So here is the routine of personal wellness to live a great life. You can incorporate this routine into your life, write it down in a notebook or write in crafty paper and stick it to a wall where you can see it, or add it to your phone’s to-do list and let your phone remind you of your task. 

Leave a message for us sharing your daily routine or any ideas that you have for personal wellness, we are eager to hear it from you.

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