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How to Migrate a WordPress Site From a Local Server to the Production?

Migrating a WordPress site from a local server(localhost) to the production(live) server is easy! We can follow a few steps to achieve the goals.

STEP 1: Upload the WordPress project folder to the production server using FTP client software (i.e FileZilla FTP Client).

STEP 2: Create a database in the production server and keep database host name, database name, user name, and password for next time use.

STEP 3: Now, open and edit the wp-config.php file from the production server root folder (where you already uploaded the project files) and update your database information.

STEP 4: Then go to your local server project database by entering http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ and then export the project database in .SQL format.

STEP 5: Now, go to your production project database and import locally exported .sql file

STEP 6: After importing database then go to the wp_options table from the production server and find option_name siteurl and then update option_value into your production website URL ( without forward slash in the end).

Do the same for option_name home (Go to page 2 to find this).

Work is done! Now, browse your website and see if everything works!

Have fun with WordPress..







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