How to Enable reCAPTCHA in Moodle Registration?

Moodle security is really important when you create an account. There are some ways to make your Moodle account more secure. You might have seen reCAPTCHA on other websites; it’s a tool that checks if you are a real person. This blog will explain how to use reCAPTCHA on Moodle when you sign up.

Step 1: Go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Authentication -> Manage authentication. Turn on “Email-based self-registration.”

Step 2: In the Email-based self-registration settings, make sure the “Enable reCAPTCHA” option is set to “Yes.”

Step 3: Sign up on and get the public and private keys.

Step 4: Put these keys in the Admin -> Plugins -> Authentication -> Manage authentication page and save them.

Now, reCAPTCHA is enabled on Moodle when users sign up. It helps keep your account safe.


In conclusion, taking steps to enhance your Moodle account’s security, such as enabling reCAPTCHA during the sign-up process, can greatly contribute to a safer online learning experience. By following the straightforward steps outlined here, you can help ensure that your Moodle account remains protected, allowing you to focus on your education with confidence. Stay safe and enjoy your learning journey!





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