Create Info Window In Electron JS Desktop Application

How to create info window in electron JS desktop application

How to create info window in electron JS desktop application?

Here is a package like Electron About Window. This package provides ‘About This App‘ window for Electron applications.

After installing this package declare a constant Menu from electron like

const {Menu} = require('electron');

& then

const openAboutWindow = require('electron-about-window').default;

after that

const menu = Menu.buildFromTemplate([
  label: 'Help',
   submenu: [
     label: 'About Example App',
     click: () =>
        icon_path: join(__dirname, 'Icon/about.ico'),
        copyright: '© 2019 Example App',
        description: 'The Example App.',
        use_version_info: false,
        adjust_window_size: true,
        win_options: {
           parent: win,
           modal: true,
        show_close_button: "Close"

Thats it, now you can find a meny with submenu in your application window click that & see what happen.

Happy coding 🙂






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