How To Create Animating Text In Figma

Animation is now on trend in design and development field. We can see different kind of micro interaction and animation in design presentation. Animation can make a website more appealing and eye catching. That’s why creating animation in figma while designing your project can take your work to the next level. Today I will listed here 10 easy steps of creating a scrolling text in figma. Let’s get started.

Create 2 lines of long text which you want to animate. Give 1 fill and 1 stroke color. Then group them.

Convert the group into frame

Adjust the Frame width. I made here 1240.

Bring the outline text in the left side of the frame.

Now duplicate the frame

Reverse the direction of both text line in second frame. Bring the fill text in the left side and the outline text in the right side of the second frame.

Now select both frame and create component set.

It’s time to prototype! Connect the first frame to second frame with 1 ms after delay.

Now set this value for the interaction – Smart animate, Linear with 10000ms

At last connect the second frame to the first frame with same value.

Ta-da! Your text animation component is ready to use. You can use it over any background by changing color and frame size.

Some websites that used this kind of animation are given below-

Guto Marketing Agency

Xenax SEO Marketing Agency WordPress Theme


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