How to auto rotate text in Figma file

In Figma, we can easily rotate text using some simple methods.

We write any text, and first circle the text through a plugin called “arc”. Select the circle and click the right button of the mouse and click on frame selection.


After selecting the frame, I will make a fill color and bring the circle text along the middle of the frame.


Then I will make 3 more frames like the first frame. Next, rotate the second frame’s text by -90 degrees, the third frame’s text by 180 degrees, and the last frame by 90 degrees.

Then select 4 frames together and click on the crate component set from the above icon

Then go to the property panel and click the first frame of the component and join the second frame with the first frame and select the interaction details options as shown in the image below. In this way, I will join one with another and again I will add 1 number with 4 numbers.

Finally, we will create another frame and drag the text from the first frame to the new frame and click the present button to get our auto-rotate text. Thanks


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