Extensions that will facilitate your experience in VS Code.

Integrated Development Environment or IDE where we spend most of the time of our development life-cycle. It is always good to take care of your IDE appearance as per a your preferences.

Few extensions in VS Code will change your experience that you have now.

Bracket Pair Colorizer
An extension, that is offering your code to wrap in a colorful bracket. Bracket pair will be highlighted and ensure the easy accessibility of starting to closing tag.


Blockman – Highlight Nested Code Blocks

This useful extension will block your particular code and provide the better user experience.


Svg Preview

It will illustrate your Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG with just one click on your asset. It will depicts all about its code as well as the scalable speculation.

Material Icon Theme

Decorate your folder’s look with this awesome extension where you will find multiple types of files/folders icon. You can also customized folder/files as per your desired.






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