eCommerce Project Features!

An eCommerce website does not depend on product quality, it depends on its features. So when we design a product, we will design keeping in mind the various features.

All websites are dependent on their features. There are many features that make a site relevant and competitive. 

On the home pages of the template, we will put all the features by which the template expresses its perfection.

The features that are used on the home page are highlighted. 

Phone number

Store location

Language options

My account

Business logo


Wish list

Shopping cart

Search bar

Hero banner

Product banner

Product collections and important sales pages

Featured products

Text content

Partners logo

Newsletter signup

Contact us

Social Media links

Payment system icons

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Live Chat

In addition to home pages and interior pages, a number of features are required to make a template fully visible.

In the case of eCommerce, the required pages in Inner Pages are Category page, Product page, Customer checkout page, Shopping cart, and wishlist pages.

All the features that are needed in these inner pages

The features that are used on the Category page

Consistent image size

Breadcrumb navigation

Show the number of products that appear on the page

Product filtering and sorting

Page description field

The features that are used on the Product page

Good quality of the image

Product title

Pricing information

A field to change purchase quantities

Add to cart button

Wish List and Compare button

Social share buttons

Product description

Consumer reviews

Related products

The features that are used in the Customer checkout page, Shopping cart, and wishlist pages.

Cart details

Final price

Accept all payment methods

Shipping method

The billing address and shipping address

Remove items icon

Promo code

There are also blog pages that are very important for eCommerce

Another important page of eCommerce product design is the dashboard. Here are the features we use in the dashboard


Edit profile

Edit address

Order history

Order details




Finally, when we design an eCommerce template, we design with the above features in mind.

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