Easy Way To Remove Background

We can easily remove the background of the image through Photoshop. We will do this simple task using some techniques. For example:

        1. First, we’ll open the image we want to change the background to in Photoshop 

        2. Then select the quick selection tool from the left side and select the object of our image given the quick selection tool.


        3. After selecting the object, click on Select and Mask from the top menu, then a new window will appear from this new window, we can delete the background of the image very smoothly by changing some options from the property panel.


       4. From the new window, I will make the Opacity 50% and select the Define Edge Brush tool from the left side and drag around the object and make the Radius of Edge Detection 9 pixels. Select the Smart Radius checkbox. Then I’ll slightly increase the smoothness of the global refinements. Then select the colors box checkmark in Decontaminate and set it to 90% and OK. Then the entire background will be deleted except for our object.


       5. Then select Trim from the Image menu and click the OK button.


       6. Finally, if we click ALT + Shift + S together, a new window will appear with the name Save of Web, from there we will select PNG-24 and finally if we click on the save button, the image will be saved.


In this way, we can remove the background of the image very easily.

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