Search engine ranking factors

Domain authority and page authority in search engine

Today we are going to discuss an important topic that is authority like page authority, domain authority. Some of us don’t know what is page authority and domain authority on the other hand some of us know that but don’t know how it works because we don’t try to understand these terms we just want to rank anyhow in search engine. For example how it contributes to ranking factors also, how search engines count this authority in search results. So we will try to know about this in this article.

What is authority
For example, if I search in Google for ‘best 10 android phone in 2020’ then it will show a ton of information in the search result but top-ranked 10 websites on the first page. That is happening for their authority like google identified that these websites have the best authority on what’s they are saying into the website pages.

We know that search engine changes their ranking policy randomly to keep it out track for users but we can guess which things are working good in ranking so we can follow the tricks to increase the authority in search engines. The term authority comes from the organization Moz.

What is page authority and domain authority
The search engine generally ranks a website page, not a website such as if we search for ‘best 10 android phones in 2020’ we can get it 8th position in SERPs but for another keyword, we can get the same site in any other position. The page authority is the content value of this page by the eye of the search engine and the domain authority is brand value. The domain authority will increase based on page authority. But how much domain authority will increase in percentage? If the page authority increases it’s totally the matter of search engine. The authority reference score value is from 0-100.