Digital Product Support Tips

Digital Product Support Tips

Customer support or live customer support, each platform gives you unique merit and demerit. The tips and tricks of this blog can be applied to any area of customer service. Here in this blog, I concentrate on live customer support. Texting is more efficient and preferable to live digital product support.

First Know Your Product or Service Very Well

At first, you have to know your service details very well, what kind of product/service you are offering. For good customer support, it’s your duty to know what you are selling inside or out. Customers might have lots of queries regarding your product, you need to know the answer that will give them satisfaction.

Ask for and Act on Customer Requirement

Ask first or listen to what the customer is looking for in your site, listen to them very carefully then reply. Listen to all queries and note down them, then answer them carefully step by step.

Provide Support With Visitor Behavior Basis

Before a chat begins, chat agents should have knowledge regarding the visitor’s behavior. Chat agents should analyze the page the visitor visited, this will help the agent to understand actually what the visitors/customers are looking for in your site. It could help the agent to continue his chat session more intelligently.

Maintain Consistency

It’s important to maintain consistency while talking or texting with anyone. If you continue your conversation in a consistent way then, it will be more understandable for you and the customer both.

How to Convince Customers to Buy Your Product

Each customer has a unique demand. If you find that the customer demand is not matching with your existing products, you can offer them a similar product to catch a customer/ pursue the customer. Make sure whatever you recommend does not irritate the customer.

Try to Maintain a Clear Conversation

Always try to keep conversation clear and effective. If you maintain a clear conversation between you & your customer, then it will be good for both of you to understand each other’s points.

Should Not Talk Like a Robot

Avoid robotic talk, always try to talk naturally. Because if you act like a robot, customers will be disturbed or the customers might not be interested to talk with you or might not feel comfortable.

Keep Conversation Short and Specific

Always try to keep the conversation short and specific, irrelevant talk is not effective for both you and the visitor. Sometimes less talking is more considerable than others.

Try to convert support via email. Which really needs technical support in detail. Because it needs the right technical person to provide this kind of support, and it’s time-consuming.

For Live Support Set a Chat Limit

When giving support in live chat try to set limits as less than 5 or less etc, Because you can’t take so many chats at a time, also you cannot give proper support as well.

Always Try to Stay Calm and Cool

Sometimes it may happen with a few words or queries that you may not like or it may be awkward for you, but always keep the customer in mind. A reaction is not the right way to deal with such a situation. The best way to handle such a situation is not to react. And if they are demanding something that is not a part of your service, then try to make them clear about this. 


Those are some of the tricks and tips that I usually follow to deal with my customers. Especially in live support. If you have any kind of opinion or need more information regarding it, please leave a comment below. 

That’s all for today. Hopefully, I will bring some more effective tips in my next blog!





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