Dashboard Design Principles

Dashboard Design Principles

For many organizations, achieving effective dashboard design is a recurring problem. However, it’s a problem that can be easily remedied by following a few core principles. This blog will walk you through the golden rules.

Here’s a preview:

  • Decide what you want your dashboard to do
  • Only include what matters
  • Use size and position to make priorities clear
  • Give your numbers a frame of reference
  • A group-connected metrics
  • Keep it uniform
  • Label things clearly for your team
  • Effective information presentation
  • Visual consistency
  • Efficient interactions
  • Minimize the cognitive load
  • Keep developing your dashboard


The main purpose of a dashboard is to communicate business data in a visual form that highlights to the reader what is important, arranges it for clarity and leads them through a sequence that tells the story best so they can make better data-led decisions. Design and an understanding of how humans make decisions exist to assist this purpose.

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