Create 3D mockup in Figma

Through today’s article, we will learn how to create a beautiful 3D Mockup using Figma.

          To create 3D Mockup first we need a small plugin. This little plugin is called “Vector 3D Elements”. To work with the plugin we need to download the plugin. To download, open the Figma software and go to Plugins from the File menu, click on Find More Plugins from the Plugins.


You will see a new window, open the plugin by writing the name of the plugin in the search of the new window. 

           When open, you will see the plugin’s dashboard. If you click on the Elements Button on the right side of the dashboard, we can see different types of 3D Mockups.

          We will select our required Mockup from 3D Mockup. After selecting, we will drag the mockup from the big window of the dashboard and setup it up as we need. If you want to modify the mockup, you can modify it by the icon on the upper left side. Then we will select the image we need to use in the mockup and click on Apply Frame on the right side of the dashboard. Clicking will replace the image inside the frame.

          Finally, we will click on the finish button. By clicking, we will get our required mockup on the skin.

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