Bootstrap 4 In Meteor JS

Bootstrap 4 in Meteor JS

Sometimes we are stuck for silly configuration issue such as How to configure bootstrap-4 in meteor.js application? It’s very simple techniques like follow the below steps

meteor create new-app
cd new-app
meteor npm install --save bootstrap
meteor add fourseven:scss

then rename the main.css to main.scss in client folder, and add below line into the file

@import "../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss";
That’s it.
This is a Sass build plugin for Meteor. It compiles Sass files with node-sass and it has options to control the load order of Sass files and use Autoprefixer on the generated CSS.





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  1. Fei Yan Avatar
    Fei Yan

    How to add the js part though?

  2. Jerimiah Avatar

    Don’t forget to add the viewport meta tag to your head, or the site won’t be mobile responsive!

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