Best Practices for Using Proper Color on Design Project – for Newbie

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Color has a significant effect on your design project. It can be a UX/UI design project for a web or mobile app. It is essential to choose the appropriate color for your design project! So, here I will show you how to choose the right color for your next projects.

Here, I use a sample project to see three different colors, such as Orange Soda, Very dark blue, and White used throughout the project.

The project is about Car Dealer

Let’s take a look, at how I chose and used the colors! I chose colored orange soda. As we know that, color has related to the psychology of the project or the color that we use. However, not only this color but also you can use this kind of design. Actually, it’s depending on what other people use. Do a Google quest for color psychology or see the designs of others.

On the other hand, I chose orange soda. As a primary color, and orange soda will be used for buttons. I will share the design preview of writing my own blog.

Contrariwise, the very dark blue color is used for the background, gallery section, and call to action is also used in the footer. In addition, in all the title fields from top to bottom, every single element of the UX/UI design has a unique meaning. However, I did not mention it throughout my writing journey.

I want the request to know what the letter means and why I used it. Comment below! See you soon with a knowledgeable design blog.

 That’s it!

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