20 Easy Ways to Make Your UI Designs Awesome

Ever worked on a design that seems too ordinary? Let’s take a look at some simple ways to increase masala. Be prepared to bookmark this page, as you’ll want to refer to this list in the future. It’s incredible how many incredible pro-level designs have a solid foundation and some of the tricks listed below.

* Background techniques

1) Angular background conversion
2) Changing the curved background
3) Tilt the highlight shape
4) Highlights the background shape

* Border and Divider techniques

1) Dotted border
2) Dotted divider
3) Double border
4) Gradient boundary

* Shadow techniques

1) Floating shadows
2) Solid shade
3) Outline shading
4) Pattern shading

* Other techniques

1) Dot grid
2) Break the frame
3) Hand drawn elements
4) Enter the third dimension



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